Get Paid to Write Survey ReviewsGet Paid $40USD to Write for Us!

Have you been paid by an online survey site and have a review to share? If so, then write for us! Even if you give the site zero out of five stars, we want to know your experience!

You will be compensated for your contribution. We pay $40 per review via PayPal (1,500 words minimum). We also provide a complete fill-in-the-blank outline so that you don’t have to guess which questions to answer about the site!

Writing Information

We want to share the best and most accurate survey site reviews on the internet. To do this, we need writers who can confirm whether a survey site will or will not pay as promised!

If you’ve been a member of an online survey site for at least a few weeks, and have reached the minimum threshold for payout, we want to know about it. Have they paid you? Was payment accurate and timely? How long did it take to reach the minimum payout threshold?

There are so many paid survey sites and we can’t review them all on our own. That’s why we’re hiring you to help!

Writing Requirements

    • You must be a member of the site you wish to review and have proof that you’ve reached the minimum payment threshold.
    • First-hand, proven experience with the survey site you plan to review (screenshots of your earnings and progress on the site).
    • Reader focused writing (not simply a personal story/monologue).
    • Active voice (save passive voice for statements that actually happened in the past).
    • Good grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    • Ability to follow an outline (we will provide a standard outline for your review).
    • Minimum of 1,500 words.
    • Must be able to write fluently in English.
    • Submitted work must be unique from anything else published online.
    • Transfer of ownership of your submitted piece to Survey Grind (in exchange for a $40 payment via PayPal).

*If these requirements are not closely met, we reserve the right to reject your submission without pay.

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